My art is often where the analogue meets the digital. When the history of fine art meets the contemporary, through both the looks and the technique. I'd like to inspire others to create, and make art as a whole more accessible.

From Midnight Light Festival 2018

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Screenprint - Greenpeace: Protect the oceans

A screen print for Greenpeace for their "Protect the oceans" activity

Arttakeover - "Vi gör det för CV:t" (We do it for the CV), 2018

We did a takeover exhibition on Göteborgs Konstmuseum, where the great collection of fine art was taken over and added upon, using Augmented Reality. Read more under "Exhibitions"

Feared - Your Black Is My White, 2017

Charcoal animated music video for Feared. Produced with Hugo Produktion

Weaver - Boxes, 2017

Music video for the single "Boxes" by Weaver. A 1,5 year project me and Johan Weber.

Moving through senses, 2016

Charcoal on canvas. Work in progress