Art Studio, Ångpannegatan 4

Me, Sara Gunnarsson, Nelly Engström and Sandra Nyström have moved in together! Well, at least we share the same space for creation. And it's awesome!

Weaver project, 2016 - ongoing

Early 2016 me and Johan Weber started discussing a collaboration between his music and my art, trying to find ways to collaborate not only with music videos, covers and such.


We are working on ways to make art and music to work together and to find ways to have exhibitions and live concerts together where bot hare the "center of attention".


Check out later as we will put up work in progress information. Stay tuned!


Album Covers

FanTaEr - Vid Liv Men Iskall, 2017

Implode - The Anti Cimex EP, 2016

Öken - Öken, 2016


PopUpClub, May 2017

PopUpClub, September 2017

PopUpClub, June 2017