Feared - Your Black Is My White, 2017

Charcoal animated music video for Feared. A collaboration between Silver ´n Silk and Hugo Produktion

Actors: Mimmi Kandler, Anders Ljum Olsson, Ananda Lundström, Leeron Lundström

3:34m, 116 drawings and 2600 frames

Music by Feared


The video was written and produced by me, Hugo Anderson and Mija Sölving.

Trailer - "Sagor Utan Slut", 2017

An animation foor the children´s book "Sagor Utan Slut" by Jan-Erik Ullström. Music by Weaver

Weaver - Boxes, 2017

Music video. Stop motion, charcoal animation, digital animation

Moving through senses, 2016

Charcoal on canvas. Work in progress

Creating "Hand Tree" animation, 2016

An animation for the Weaver project. Nikon D7200 with Dragonframe

Tear down the flyer, 2016

A clay stop motion test for the Weaver project