"As an artist I like to try everything, I think that the techniques and mediums are the most fun when you are standing unknowingly in front of them.

I have always been a big sucker for learning the process of making something, whatever it might be.

To find your own solutions and most frequently, failing in an attempt to find them is as rewarding as the final result itself."


You need a graphic designer for your awesome new band? Or maybe you need an animated version of yourself, or just maybe, you got an awesome idea you'd would like to become a painting; mail me, I'm up for anything. Regarding artsy fartsy stuff...




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Radio interview with P4 Skaraborg (In Swedish)

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Feared "Your Black Is My White"

2017-08-04, Falköpings Tidning - Söker skådespelare som ska avtecknas i kol

2017-11-30, Blabbermouth - 'Your Black Is My White' Animated Video